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“How to Think and Grow Rich” has sold many millions of copies and, without formal advertising, continues to sell at remarkable levels because of word-of-mouth -- undoubtedly it has also been key to helping millions of others without prominent names achieve their most important goals.

 With How to Think and Grow Rich, it is generally acknowledged that author Napoleon Hill influenced the bottom-line success of more people than almost any other person in modern history.

Born in a one-room cabin, Hill began his career as a journalist. Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie - then the richest man in the world - was so impressed with Hill that he asked the young reporter to develop the world's most comprehensive, insightful and accessible philosophy of individual achievement.

The project took 20 years for Hill to complete and involved him accessing the insights of such historical giants as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Bell, Wilbur Wright and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The result was a proven formula of clearly delineated success principles that Hill detailed in Think and Grow Rich. The book will help you attain far more than the financial riches many people read into the title, as the "riches" it speaks of include:

And then yes, it also does an as-of-yet unsurpassed job of guiding you to achieve financial prosperity, as well (after all, it was commissioned by the richest man in the world!)

Now, thanks to Dr. Mercola of, this book is now available to you in an easier to read format than ever before.  Dr. Mercola  had the book re-published to a brand new version that makes it remarkably easy for you to follow along and understand.

This book has changed millions of people’s lives and Dr. Mercola is just one of them.  This amazing book's other fans include many of the most well known "names" who reached the top in business, art, sports, politics, activism, health, motivational speaking, and more.

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